Party FAQ

Is two hours enough?

Generally two hours is sufficient for children 6 and under. However, children 6 and above generally love to play in the water and may enjoy additional time in the pool. We recommend 2.5 or 3 hours for children aged 8 and above.

Do we have to follow the suggested schedule?

No. The suggested schedules are exactly that, a suggestion. You rent the facility and you determine how and when you use it.

Can we bring our own pool toys?

Absolutely. Most pool toys are welcome. Please check with the lifeguard on duty to be sure that none of the toys pose a risk to any of the swimmers prior to entering the pool.

Do you supply the decorations?

Decorations are not included in the base price of the facility rental.

When can we enter the facility to get ready?

Party hosts and guests are allowed in 30 minutes early to set-up and for guests to change clothes. Our party coordinator will be available to assist with set-up and cleanup.