Pre-Team Development

Team Endurance (age 6 and up)


Successful completion of Pre-Comp or based on in-water evaluation.
Members should be able to swim freestyle and backstroke 50 yards, breaststroke 25 yards and legal butterfly half the distance of the 25-yard pool.

Team Endurance focuses on swimming longer distances while maintaining solid fundamental stroke technique. Members work towards swimming the freestyle and backstroke 100 yards, breaststroke 50 yards, legal butterfly 25 yards and a medley with proper starts and turns.

Team Power (age 6 and up)


Based on in-water evaluation.

Team Power focuses on advanced competitive techniques that will enable the competitive swimmer to maintain their endurance while increasing their speed by adding power to each stroke.

Swim Stroke & Technique Clinics (age 6 and up)

This clinic is offered to swimmers looking for specialized instruction in any of the four competitive strokes. We use a combination of drills and specific sets to develop and improve stroke technique. Classes are separated into groups by stroke type with individual feedback and instruction given to each student.

Endurance and Power classes are two days per week. Stroke clinics are one day per week. All classes are 60 minutes in length and feature a maximum of 6 students to 1 coach.


Class Type
  • Endurance or Power$165
  • Stroke Clinics$85

* Tuition is based on a 4 week month. Months with more/less than 4 weeks will be adjusted accordingly.

Call to check our current class times and schedule your free in-water evaluation.